Fallout: Short Stories

Fallout, my collection of short stories, is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. See link above. In this twenty story collection I experiment with memories and dreams that radiate out of the unconscious—childhood, family, faith, death, love—small moments contaminated with the universal.
These stories are for those who like the philosophical mixed with a shot of strange humour.

Schiller, On Aesthetic Education
An essay that explores the influence of Kant’s Third Critique on Schiller’s Letters Upon the Aesthetic Education of Man.

Confucius, On the Social Fabric
This work is an attempt to explore Confucian theories on the Social Fabric. It takes the philosophy of Confucius as the starting point to work out a coherent alternative picture of modern man and his place within our Social Fabric.

Castle Rackrent and Subversion
This work explores how Maria Edgeworth subverts male/colonial power in Castle Rackrent.

Aristotle, On the Intellect
This essay is an attempt to critically examine Aristotle’s theory of the Intellect as found in the De Anima.

13 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hi John, very much like your volume on Aristotle; any chance you can arrange with a on-demand publisher to allow your readers to purchase hardcopy? I rather dislike digital reading – especially anything I’m going to spend time with. Many thanks – great website! 🙂

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  3. wow, what a great site. the points on writing are brilliant. I’m interested to get to your thinking on Aristotle. I write fiction, too, and have a huge crush on Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    • Thanks Austin, glad you like my site. Do you have a question on Aristotle? Is your background in philosophy? What do you like about Wittgenstein?


        Hi, You inspired me to write a blog this morning about Wittgenstein. No, I have no ‘background’ in philosophy other than what I have learned on my own (mostly thru youtube videos altho I have more than 20 books on Wittgenstein.) I know a tiny bit about German philosophy — Schopenhauer is another favorite — and am just beginning to learn about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

      • Hello, thanks, glad you felt inspired. I read your post about Wittgenstein. It’s well written, clear and logical. His analysis of how language works and hides meaning was profound. Thanks.

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